Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Week 18 Results

This week has been challenging, to put it mildly! I was having to deal with multiple cancellations whilst I was out at the Victory with patchy mobile signal, trying to arrange a neutral knockout venue!
In Division 1, The Fox v Lashings All-Stars game was cancelled at short notice, then un-cancelled at even shorter notice and then called off. I've spoken to both captains and this game is being left as postponed, for now.
In Division 2, both Century Club and Duke of Marlborough A cancelled at short notice due to health concerns, after the Prime Minister's announcement. These games are being left as postponed for now, but if conditions worsen as expected, these games may not get rearranged.
The Dragoon B v Papermakers match was also cancelled at short notice, and the points awarded to the Dragoon. The Papermakers already have 3 unplayed games, and it is unlikely that they will all be rearranged.

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