Saturday, 21 March 2020

League Suspended until further notice

With all pubs and clubs instructed to close, we have no choice but to suspend the League until further notice.

Stay safe, people! x

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Mixed Doubles - Semi Finals

Mixed Doubles Semi-Finals - Tuesday 24th March 2020
The draw is as follows;
Gary / Jo P (Victory) v Debbie / Dave (Hare & Hounds B)
Tania / Vince (Dragoon A) v Marie / Dave C (Dragoon A)
Unfortunately, I've not had time to arrange a neutral venue, and I don't have contact details for Gary / Jo P at the Victory. If I could ask Ben (Victory Capt) to liase with Debbie, and maybe try to agree a date, and I will try to sort out a venue.
Tan / Marie : I'll let you arrange your own game. Let me know who wins.
Semi-Finals is the best of 5 frames.

Singles Knockout - Semi Finals

Singles Knockout Semi-Finals - Tuesday 24th March 2020
The draw is as follows;
Gee (Lashings B) v Adrian (Century Club)
Josh (Lashings B) v Dean (Civil Service A)
Gerry / Adrian : This game is postponed, as Gee is away on holiday. When he returns and a date is confirmed, I will try to confirm a neutral venue.
Josh / Dean : I have spoken to the landlord at The Victory, and he is happy to have your game there. I will leave it up to you if/when you decide to play it.

Week 19 Fixtures

Week 18 Results

This week has been challenging, to put it mildly! I was having to deal with multiple cancellations whilst I was out at the Victory with patchy mobile signal, trying to arrange a neutral knockout venue!
In Division 1, The Fox v Lashings All-Stars game was cancelled at short notice, then un-cancelled at even shorter notice and then called off. I've spoken to both captains and this game is being left as postponed, for now.
In Division 2, both Century Club and Duke of Marlborough A cancelled at short notice due to health concerns, after the Prime Minister's announcement. These games are being left as postponed for now, but if conditions worsen as expected, these games may not get rearranged.
The Dragoon B v Papermakers match was also cancelled at short notice, and the points awarded to the Dragoon. The Papermakers already have 3 unplayed games, and it is unlikely that they will all be rearranged.

Season Update

Just a quick note to keep you updated on the status of the league.
I've spoken to Bertie earlier today, and we've decided to continue scheduling fixtures at this point. We will try to support our venues as long as they stay open. This of course is a fast-moving situation, and can change at short notice. If any lockdowns are enforced, of course we will suspend the season until such time that it is safe to continue.
That said, we fully understand that teams have health concerns, including my own team. We will publish fixtures as normal, but understand some teams will want to postpone. If this is the case, please can you let me know as soon as possible, so that the opponents can be notified. Games postponed with at least 48hrs notice will be held over, to be rearranged if possible.
Short notice cancellations (less than 48hrs) will be treated as usual. The opponent will have the option to rearrange or claim the points.
The season may be extended if there is a backlog of fixtures to rearrange, and teams are willing to play. Otherwise, we will have to cut-off at some point and award points for unplayed games. This will be decided at a later date.
This is our position at the moment. Of course this is under constant review.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Remaining KO Dates

It's getting towards the business end of the season, so I thought I would put out the proposed dates for the rest of the Knockout competition rounds.
Tuesday 10th March;
Winter Cup Quarter Finals
Tuesday 24th March;
Singles Semi Finals
Mixed Doubles Semi Finals
Tuesday 31st March;
Winter Cup Semi Finals
Tuesday 7th April;
Doubles Semi Finals
Tuesday 21st April;
Veterans Semi Finals
Tuesday 28th April;
Ladies Knockout
Monday 27th April - Tuesday 5th May;
Various Finals, to be confirmed.
These dates are all subject to change, depending on people playing their other outstanding games, but this is what I'm planning. Venues to be confirmed.