Friday 29 October 2021

League Tables after Round 3

Tables after round 3. We are accumulating a few rearranged fixtures. Please be sure to make the necessary arrangements for the 4 Monday's we have for these fixtures. 29th November being the first.

Sunday 10 October 2021

Singles Preliminary & 1st Round and Doubles 1st Round Draws


I have recorded the draw so that you can see there is no fixing going on. I'm sure the draw will cause some to dispute the matches if there was no evidence. So here's the link to the draw. Audio didn't record, but you can see what you need:

Singles Draw - to be played 18th October 2021

Preliminary Round Fixtures - 18th October 2021Start Time
Mike - Civil Service AvNigel - Civil Service A20:00
1st Round Fixtures - 18th October 2021
Dave - Hare & Hounds BvDicky - Fox Mavericks20:00
Saul - Hare & Hounds AvShaun - Lashings D20:45
Tania - DragoonvMark - Dragoon20:00
Lee - Fox MavericksvShane - Flower Pot20:00
Ryan - Fox MavericksvJosh - Lashings.20:45
Steve M - Coach House AvDean - Civil Service A20:00
Cole - Coach House AvAndy - Coach House A20:30
Martin - Coach House AvToby - Coach House A21:00
Steve - Coach House AvClive - Civil Service B21:30
John - Duke of M'brough AvDanny - Dragoon20:00
James - Duke of M'brough BvKings - Lashings.20:45
Neil - Duke of M'brough AvLuke - Hare & Hounds B21:30
Gerry - Lashings.vJohn - Lashings D19:00
Russell - Lashings DvSid - Fox Mavericks19:00
Paul - Lashings AvJim - Victory19:30
John - Lashings AvRob - Duke of M'brough A19:30
Dave - Lashings DvJay - Duke of M'brough A20:00
Ian - Lashings All-StarsvChris - Coach House A20:00
Steve - Lashings All-StarsvMartin - Duke of M'brough A20:30
Matt - Lashings All-StarsvMark - Lashings All-Stars20:30
Charlie - Lashings DvJim - Duke of M'brough A21:00
Martin - Lashings AvDarren - Lashings.21:00
Tony - Lashings All-StarsvGary - Hare & Hounds A21:30
Rob - Lashings AvGraham - Civil Service A21:30
Adrian - Lashings.vMichael - Hare & Hounds A22:00
Gareth - Civil Service BvMike (Civil A) / Nigel (Civil A)20:45
Lee - Civil Service BvNigel - Civil Service B20:45
Andy - Civil Service BvSteve - Lashings.21:30
Bertie - Civil Service AvMartin - Lashings D21:30
Graham - Flower PotvGary - Victory20:00
Paul - Flower PotvMike - Lashings D20:45
Martin - Westborough ClubvDan - Lashings.20:00

Saturday 9 October 2021

Good morning all, I have been logging the results from the opening week of league fixtures. I am still waiting on the following results:

Hare & Hounds 'A' v Eagle

Duke of M 'A' v Duke of M 'B'

If someone could send a picture of the 2 results sheets, I'll assemble the league table and start logging individual player win %