Wednesday 18 September 2019

Winter AGM Update

Thanks to everyone that attended the meeting last night at the Hare & Hounds. A few teams still need to confirm their knockout entries. This information should be passed to Bertie as soon as possible, so he can collect the fees, and let me know the names for the preliminary round draws.
No major issues were raised. The Committee will stay the same, Bertie as Chairman, myself as Secretary and Anthony as Treasurer.
We have 22 teams for the Winter season, the same as last year. So again these will be divided into two divisions of 11, each team will have 10 home and 10 away matches, with 2 byes.
The season will start on MONDAY 7TH OCTOBER 2019. There will be two free weeks for rearranged games, one just before Christmas (Mon 23rd Dec) and another at the end of the season (Mon 27th Apr). This will be the LAST DAY for League games to be played. There will be a week with no games in between Christmas and New Year (Mon 30th Dec).
There are a couple of team changes due to mergers/relocation from last Winter. The only team 'new' to the Winter League this year is Drakes, who joined us in the Summer. The two old Duke of Marlborough teams have merged to become Duke 'B'. The old Eagle B team have relocated to the Duke of Marlborough, to become Duke 'A'. The old Dog & Gun team have relocated to the Civil Service Club, and become Civil 'C'.
The bottom three teams in Division 1 last Winter, dropping down to Division 2 are Century Club, Dog & Gun (Civil C) and Papermakers Arms.
The top three teams in Division 2 last Winter, promoted to Division 1 are The Fox Loud, The Fox, and Lashings D.
Drakes, as a new team, will start in Division 2.
No rule changes were proposed. Everyone seems happy with the 8pm start time, so that will continue. The 'No Talking' rule continues in doubles matches, only talking at the start of the visit, and the first shot after the break. Some teams may still talk if it's mutually agreed at the start of the match, but most teams have been sticking to the 'no talk' rule, so it's good practice to do that.
As was the case in the Summer, postponed/rearranged games require 48 hours notice (ie. Saturday night 8pm). If less notice is given, it will be the other team's choice whether they want to rearrange, or claim a 6-0 win (8 points). Any unplayed games at the end of the season will be awarded as 6-0 wins. No 'double headers' will be allowed.
It was decided that if a team drops out at any point in the season, all the points will be removed. This is the fairest option, as some games would've been played at home, some away.
I think that about covers everything. Any queries, get in touch with Bertie or myself.
Have a good season...Cheers!

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Summer Final Results

Congratulations to Lashings B, winning the Summer Cup last night. They came back from 4-1 down against Civil Service A, to win 5-4.

In the Consolation Cup, again it went to a final frame decider, with Dragoon B taking the victory against Lashings All-Stars.

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Summer Finals

The Summer Finals will be held on Monday 16th September 2019.
Lashings B will be taking on Civil Service A in the Summer Cup Final at THE FOX.
Dragoon B will be taking on Lashings All-Stars in the Consolation Cup Final at DRAKES.

Semi Final Results

Wins this week for Lashings B, Civil Service A, Dragoon B and Lashings All-Stars.

Wednesday 4 September 2019

Winter 2019-20 Season

Looking ahead to the forthcoming Winter season, Bertie will be delivering registration forms to venues over the coming weekend. As always, captains can get ahead by downloading and printing off the new form from the Facebook Group, if you prefer.
There are a couple of changes to the form this season, with regard to knockout competitions. Firstly, the Veterans age has been reduced to 55 (does that mean Troy & Bertie are eligible?  )
Secondly, and more importantly, in my opinion, I am asking that everyone who enters the knockouts provides a contact number. Last year was a bloody nightmare, when people were drawn against each other, and neither was on Facebook, and neither wanted to give out a phone number, and I had to relay messages through half a dozen people to get games organised. That won't be happening this year. I cannot organise everyone's individual games for them. If you're entering, give me a number that your opponent can contact you on, so you can arrange your matches yourselves. If you don't want to be contactable to arrange your game, don't enter. Can't say fairer than that, right?
Anyway, registration will be at the Winter Season AGM on TUESDAY 17th SEPTEMBER 2019 at the HARE & HOUNDS, from 8pm onwards.

Tuesday 3 September 2019

Semi Finals

Quarter Final Results

The Quarter Finals were completed last night, with wins for Lashings A, Civil Service A, and Lashings All-Stars.