Thursday 13 September 2018

Winter League News

Thanks to everyone that attended the AGM on Tuesday. There will be 22 teams entering this season, the same as last year, so again it will be 2 divisions of 11, 10 home games, 10 away games and 2 byes. The season will start on 1st October and Week 22 will be on 15th April 2019. Easter Monday is late (22nd April), Finals night will be 29th April. Presentation Night will be 13th May 2019.
Victory A dropped out a few weeks into the season last year, so there will be 3 teams going down to Division 2, and 4 teams coming up to Division 1.
Going down are: The Fox, Flower Pot B, Duke of Marlborough A
Coming up are: Civil Service B, Dog & Gun, Bower Inn, Paper Makers Arms.
Dog & Gun are only entering one team, so 5th place Paper Makers also come up.
The old Lashings D team are relocating to the Century Club, and stay in Division 1. A new Lashings D team will start in Division 2.
Other new teams starting in Division 2 this winter are The Fox Loud (who joined this summer), and a new Duke of Marlborough B team.

Monday 3 September 2018

Winter AGM

Winter AGM will be on TUESDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER at Civil Service Club. 8pm start.

Bertie is sorting out delivery of registration forms, but you can download and print your own from the 'Files' section of the Facebook group.

Please bring it along with registration fees on the night. £40 per team for the season.

Remember, there are also individual and pairs knockout tournaments to enter in the winter. Please include these entry fees. It would also be handy if entrants could include a contact number, or at least get them to join the Facebook group, so it makes arranging their games easier.

If you are entering, be aware most knockouts are played on TUESDAYS.