Friday 27 October 2023

2024 Veterans & Captains Preliminary Rounds

2 preliminary draws:

- Captains (Tuesday 28th November)
- Veterans (Tuesday 5th December)

Monday 9 October 2023

2024 Singles Preliminary Round

42 players have byes to the 1st round proper. 44 players have preliminary rounds to play next week.

Please Note: Hare + Hounds have an excessive number of home draws, so if you are drawn in any of these matches, it would be wise to try and rearrange where possible.

All matches must be complete before the comensment of the 1st round on the 13th November.

Tuesday 3 October 2023

Winter League 2023/4 Fixtures

Here is the Monday and Cup calendars, along with the Division 1 and 2 fixtures in full:

Monday 2 October 2023

Winter League 2023/4

Please see here the first 2 weeks of fixtures. I will post the remainder along with all the calendars in the next day or 2.