Monday 24 April 2023

Final League Stats

Congratulations Jamie for the highest win percentage in Division 1. Congratulations also to Neil with the best stats in Division 2.

These stats only include players that reached 22 games in Division 1 and 25 games in Division 2.
I will forward team stats to each captain.

Sunday 23 April 2023

Final League Tables & More Cup Final Updates

Congratulations to Civil Service A, who are Division 1 Champions. Congratulations also to Old House at Home who are Division 2 Champions!

Here are the latest details regarding all cup finals too. Player stats to follow.

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Results, Tables & Stats - Round 18

The threshold for the stats winner in Division 1 is 22 games. It would have been 24, but with Papermakers disbanding early in the season, most players' potenital maximum number of games in the season have been affected.

I am setting the threshold for for the stats winner in Division 2 to 25 games. It would be 27 but Fox Apprentices folded late on meaning some players lost out on 2 potential games.

There are 7 matches still to be played