Tuesday 23 October 2018

Week 4 Results

No team matches next Monday, as it's the 1st Round of the Singles Knockout.

Saturday 20 October 2018

Singles Knockout - 1st Round

Singles Knockout 1st Round - Monday 29th October 2018
As always, start times are for guidance only. Some venues have a lot of games scheduled, so some of you may prefer to play on a different night. Please try to sort it out directly with your opponent if you would like to rearrange. I only have phone numbers for team captains, but a lot of players can be contacted through Facebook.
I know some teams/players are not on Facebook, so I will try to get printed copies of this draw delivered to venues on my day off, on Wednesday.

Tuesday 9 October 2018

World Rules Players

It's been mentioned to me a couple of times already this season...
What's the ruling on World Rules players in our League? If they are permanent members of your team, then that's fine and we welcome them to our League.
What we do object to is bringing in 'ringers'. I know the MDPL started a week later than our League, but now both leagues are operating on Mondays, players can't play in both leagues and swap backwards and forwards.
We don't want 'ringers' brought in especially for cup games either, when the knockouts are played on Tuesdays.
We are essentially a Pub League, and there is a difference in standard between teams that are out for a bit of fun on a Monday night, and others who take it a bit more seriously. Let's try to keep things friendly. Cheers!

Week 3 Fixtures

Week 2 Results