Thursday, 16 May 2019

Summer 2019 AGM Update

Thank you to all the team representatives that turned up for our Summer AGM at the Duke of Marlborough on Tuesday 14th May 2019. What follows is a summary of the points which you voted for at the meeting.

The Committee

The Committee will stay the same. Bertie is the League Chairman, Stacey is the Fixtures Secretary, and Ant is the Treasurer. Dave Laffan and Steve Humphries are also committee members.

Summer Format

We will be playing the usual summer format, 4 groups of teams, mixed division 1 and 2, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the Summer Cup knockout stage, and 3
rd and 4th placed teams going through to the Consolation Cup knockout stage. There will be one week available for rearranged matches at the end of the group stage. Any other rearranged games will need to be fitted in on another night before the end of the group stage. No games can be cancelled in the knockout stage.

Amendments voted on at the AGM

  • Matches will now start at 8.00pm. The team sheet needs to be completed and ready to start at this time. If a team arrives late, the opponents are entitled to claim a game for each 15 minutes that a team is late. Please be sensible and try to keep it friendly! If the first player is there, the match can start.
  • 48 hours notice for cancelled games needs to be given. In other words, Bertie or Stacey need to be notified by 8pm on the Saturday preceding the game.
  • Cancelled games with less than 48 hours notice can be claimed, or rearranged before the end of the group stage, at the opponent's discretion. Any unfulfilled matches will be awarded as 6-0 wins (8 points). Remember, a game can still be played and won with as few as four players. One of the reasons this league exists is to encourage trade at your venue on a quiet night. Cancelling games does no favours to the venue or your team.
  • No 'double-headers' will be allowed, under any circumstances. Unplayed games will be awarded points, as above.
  • If a table is deemed unplayable, as it is not reasonably level, a team has a right to postpone the match until a time that the table has been adjusted. Most tables can be adjusted on the night, but please be aware that we try to be a friendly league and you are not at The Crucible. We know some tables get moved. The table is the same for both teams.
  • Teams that drop out of the League – All points will be removed unless a team has played every opponent in their group/division at least once. In this case, points will be removed back to the halfway stage. Claimed games will not count as played games.
  • Neutral venues will continue to be chosen for Semi's and Finals. We will ask for neutral volunteers to referee finals in individual and doubles finals, and their decisions will stand. Referees will not generally be needed for team games, as there are more spectators.

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